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The Kale Calcium Connection: Grow & Eat Leafy Greens Series Part 4/5

The Calcium Kale Connection: Grow & Eat Leafy Greens Series 4/5 Kale makes me happy. It’s a veggie that does TRIPLE duty: 1) Grows anywhere. 2) Filled with nutrients. 3) Easy to include in meals.   HEALTH BENEFITS OF KALE According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, kale is one of the most nutrient dense foods on…

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Make a Lawn into Garden with Cardboard

Make a Garden Out of Lawn Using Cardboard Give up the grass!  Grow veggies instead.  Or wildflowers.  Or herbs.  Or make a butterfly garden.  Or plant fruit bushes. In the 10 years I worked as a Landscape Gardener I got plenty of experience manually digging out sod to make garden beds.  Its not fun.  Don’t…

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