Top 10 Homesteading Blogs

Top 10 Homesteading Blogs Since I started blogging a few months ago I’ve discovered a world of beautiful blogs.  I’ve also discovered that a homestead can be 1/15 of an acre or 100 acres; homesteaders come in all ages & family sizes; they originate from all walks of life, from city-slickers to hippies to scientists;…

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Making Waste Into Something Clean

A Review of The Humanure Handbook. Poop.  Its not something we like to think about.  We drop it. We flush it.  We never think of it again. Joseph Jenkins thinks about it a lot.  He’s written a detailed book about what happens to our waste in the system, how our waste is damaging the planet,…

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12 Ways to Become More Self-Sufficient

12 Ways to Become Self-Sufficient I dream of making my little homestead into a closed-loop system.  Nothing comes in, nothing goes out.  Now THAT would be self-sufficiency. Alas, there are things I can’t produce or grow here.  For example, its much too cloudy in the winter for solar panels.  The climate won’t allow me to…

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