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Black Eyed Peas with Baby Mesclun Greens Balsamic Dijon Recipe

Mesclun greens are a mix of salad greens including different lettuces and other leafy greens like mustard and endive.  The mix usually tends towards more bitter flavors.  I like to use baby greens when I’m eating a fresh salad.  So I plant mesclun greens seeds every two weeks then I don’t run out. It just…

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Whole-Food Plant-Based on a Budget: Week Two

Whole-Foods Plant-Based Eating on a Budget:  Week 2 Week One went well.  I stuck to the meal plan, didn’t buy anything extra, and ate some yummy, yummy foods.  I’ve been eating heaping bowls of soups and stews at each meal  – pretty much stuffing myself without overeating.  I’m feeling nourished and satisfied. This diet includes…

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