Kale Blueberry Vanilla Smoothie

Kale is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Its so versatile and I love it so much,  I could eat it at every meal including breakfast. And I do. This recipe is for a smoothie you can have any time of day but I like it for breakfast.  Its filling and keeps me…

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Rustic Chili

Rustic Chili Why rustic?  Because its hearty, filling, and wholesome.  I feel like I could walk out my door and just gather the ingredients in the forest (if beans and tomato paste grew in the forest, that is). With superfoods like shiitake mushrooms, walnuts, and quinoa, its not only incredibly filling but its full of…

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Easy Roasted Root Veggies

Roasted root vegetables are my go-to meal for fall and winter.  So easy, so quick – its like wholesome fast food.  Just chop ’em up, add some herbs and spices, and cook.  I like a little extra heat in the winter so I’ve added some hot pepper flakes and cumin – you can spice it…

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