food foraging

Rewilding: Taking It Slow Brings Rewards

FYI – Live Free or Die follows five individuals who are living off the grid. The series airs weekly at 10/9c on the National Geographic Channel in the US, and will be picked up internationally later in the year: National Geographic Channel asked me and a handful of other homesteading bloggers to weigh in…

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Burdock: Its What’s For Dinner

When I was a kid there was a ravine near grandma’s house that had a hidden treasure: raspberries. No one told me about the surrounding burrs.  My cousins thought it was hilarious that I came back covered in burrs instead of carrying a bucket of raspberries.  And, yes, yes, I think we all know they…

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Thimbleberries: The Cutest Fruit to Forage For

Thimbleberries.  The Cutest Fruit to Forage For My goals over the next few years include reducing my reliance on store-bought food and getting most of my food from my own garden and from the surrounding forest.  This is my first year on the homestead and after a few months of getting just some of my…

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