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Mom’s Apple Crisp

Okay, if you’re Canadian like me it would be Mum’s Apple Crisp.  I practically grew up on the stuff.  Mum never wrote down the recipe.  Its just that easy to remember: 1 cup each of the main ingredients.  Its yummy hot, its yummy cold, its yummy in the pot 9 days old (okay, maybe not…

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Easy Roasted Root Veggies

Roasted root vegetables are my go-to meal for fall and winter.  So easy, so quick – its like wholesome fast food.  Just chop ’em up, add some herbs and spices, and cook.  I like a little extra heat in the winter so I’ve added some hot pepper flakes and cumin – you can spice it…

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Edible Wild Plants

I know it sounds hokey but when we listen to the plants they tell us how they can help us, “ said Shanoon, the herbalist. I spent an afternoon in early October with 5 others following Shanoon along a Slocan Valley, British Columbia pathway while she pointed out dozens of naturalized plants that can be…

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