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How to Be a Homesteader Without a Homestead

How to Be a Homesteader When You Don’t Have a Homestead Yes, it can be done. I often hear the lament of folks who yearn for the homesteading lifestyle. “I can’t afford the land“, they exclaim.  A valid point.  It may take years of saving to afford that sweet piece of land.  Meanwhile, you are…

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Life-Giving Linen Cloths

Life-Giving Linen Cloths Five years ago I began to discover a whole new way of living.  It’s a way of living that contributes to the health of the planet as well as my own health.  It involves thinking about the life cycle of everything I buy.  It makes me happy and I feel clean. When…

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Readers Share:  Why I Grow My Own Food

Readers Share: Why I Grow My Own Food

There are lots of reasons that people choose to homestead.  In my book giveaway last month I asked people to share why they grow their own food (or want to).  The answers were so fantastic I had to publish them!  Can you relate? Here they are: So it will be healthier food for my family. …

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